Thursday, 21 September 2017

Trendy Floral Nail Art using BeautyBigBang Brushes

These days I am going all the way for making stamping decals. They are fun and creative and the results come out usually very nice. But the down side it is it take s too long with all the stamping and drying and top coating. So I decided to use a cheat way with this mani using these detailed brushes from Beautybigbang website. 

Base: Chambor Gel effect 510
Stamping plate: Moyou Trend Hunter 01 
Accent: Pointer: UCB 5-03 and Pinkie UCB 2-02
Filled in with glass paint in yellow
Stamping polish: Mdu black
Filled in yellow translucent paint on flowers and stripes using Acrylic Nail Liner Brushes (item SKU 1378 from BeautyBigBang; link)
All topped with HKgirl

These brushes retail for $4.44 and they come in a set of 3 brushes with different lengths in colours black, gold and blue. The brushes came packed in a plastic sleeve and each brush is covered with a plastic cap. Each brush is 5mm, 8mm and 1cm in length. 

The brushes are ultra thin with metal handles and very suitable for doing fine lines or free hand and filling in decals with tiny designs.  
The black brush is 5mm and is slightly thicker than the other 2; I filled this nail art using this black brush. The gold brush is 8mm in length and is thinnnest of the three. The blue one is tallest at 1cm and the thickness is right between the other 2.

I love how cute this mani turned out and it got made very soon as filling in with brushes takes much lesser time than making decals. I am not much of a free hand person but the black brush definitely did give a good control and smooth. Look forward to trying more free hand stuff with these brushes.

This is the first time I got items from BeautyBigBang website and they reached me within 4 weeks. These brushes retails for $4.44 and are reasonable for the quality. Items from this website are delivered with free shipping even for a single item. Incase you buy from the site you can use my coupon code NAAT for a 10% sitewide discount on Beautybigbang.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Aveniro Glass Nail Files

Nail Files are life! I cant do without one!
I always keep one in my purse and couple in the house so if i ever need to trim a crack or splinter before it leads to a dramatic turn I just whip it out. 🤣
Also I have started to appreciate glass nail files. I cant figure why for so many years I havent used them. You really need to try a good glass nail file to appreciate the difference. Earlier I had got some cheap ones and they wore off so pls dont get the ones that come for Rs.30-50/- They will wear off; as in the corrosive texture comes right off in a few uses. So invest some $ and get a good one! they literally last forever! have a look at the review of Aveniro glass files:

They sent me 2 DUO glass nail files: one is medium (90 mm long, 3mm thick, pointed) and one is short (90 mm long, 3mm thick, pointed- easy to be carried for travel purposes)
The big thing is a foot file.

These are their medium (135 mm) and small nail (90mm). Grinding surface has on each side of the file different coarseness, therefore it adapts to the character and quality of the nail. The rougher side is highly abrasive yet gentle to your nails and enables fast and easy shaping of the nail. It is also supposed to file toenails that are harder and their filing is often problematic. The smoother surface serves to final neatening and correction of imperfections.

The foot file is 6mm thick (size 55x110mm) made with 2 different textures.  The coarser side is meant to remove calloused skin and the other smoother side serves to gentle neatening and final smoothening.

The coarse side is visibly different from the smooth side. 
I also used the foot file and it is certainly helpful to maintain smooth skin. Its easy to use and not very abrasive. The result was smooth soft looking skin on my feet which I love. 
coarse side
smooth side
These are my nails after I filed using the medium file. No hangs nails and no rough edges.
These files help for fast and easy filing of nails. Took me 5 mins only to file all nails after I had cut them. The coarse side is also helpful for thick nails esp toes. I just ran them over my nails with the smooth side at last to take of any sharp edges or hang nails. Happy to say these are good quality and live up to my expectations.

Aveniro retails through resellers only.  Aveniro is a manufacturer and wholesale and retail export oriented supplier of glass nail files. The company is located in the North of Czech Republic in the traditional glassmaking region.

PS. Product sent for an honest unbiased review